Everything starts somewhere.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”(Genesis 1:1)  Such a familiar and seemingly simple scripture, but within it is the profound power of our Creator God and of beginnings.   A new day, a new event, a new job, a new baby, a new home school all contain this potential only new things can hold.   A new year has begun and with it a new adventure for this past editor of the Erie County Home School News.

After  resigning from my editorship of the newsletter in October, my life continued to zoom along at a blinding rate.   My caseload continued high for my job as an occupational therapist and then, before we knew it, the Christmas season was upon us with all it’s activities.   However, just recently my work caseload has declined and our holiday celebrations have ended.   We have adjusted to our oldest daughter being married and out of the home.   Our family routine has returned.   So here I sit on the crest of this new adventure as a blogger.  An empty text box and a blinking cursor called me to begin…and Jan Preston!  She called me too providing the nudge to undertake this project.  Jan was one of the first people to ever home school in Erie County.  She knows all about beginnings.  I am so glad pioneering homeschoolers like her paved the way for us.

So while this is my beginning efforts of converting the Erie County Home School Newsletter into blog format, the idea of encouraging and equipping  homeschoolers  is not new.  Give me a few days and you should see an events calendar popping up here along with some great home school support pages geared just for you Erie County Homeschoolers.  Any of you who subscribed to the e-newsletter can now follow this blog and find all the same great information.  I have missed you all dearly!  But the end of the newsletter has led to this great new beginning.  Praise the Lord!  For those of you who are new, you can check out the about page to learn more about me and the history of the Erie County Home School News.

Dear homeschooling friends, I am praying for you as you begin this new year together.   What new adventures are you facing this year?  Feel free to leave a comment letting us know.

Happy Homeschooling in 2015!     ~Juliane