Ministering Moments


Hello Dear Subscribers and Visitors!

I am excited to share with you that the events calendar page is now up and running!  This will enable me to enter events that are shared much quicker and provide you with a place to quickly check what family friendly homeschool events are coming up.  I have also added information to the musical endeavors page.  Maintaining this homeschool blog is only one of my many ministries.

The Lord brought to my attention this morning in Mark 10 the idea of ministering.  “But so shall it not be among you; but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:”  Oh, those ten disciples were upset at James and John for seeking from Jesus a higher position among the twelve.  Jesus teaches them all in his reply that it is not the ‘leader” types, nor the “bully” types that “lord over you” and “exercise authority over you” that are the best, but those that minister.  The best friends are those that minister unto you and your circle of friends!  As I pondered this aloud, my 13-year-old son quickly looked up  the word “minister” for me without my asking.  It means to attend to or serve,  to perform services, to give things needful or  to supply a means of relief.   How sweet to see him living out this definition!   Meeting a need his Mama had before she even asked.

All of our homeschooling will work much better when we face it with a ministering attitude.  I have surrendered the best job I ever had to return home more to be available to minister to my children and to see that they are developing ministering spirits and attitudes one with another.   Family relationships are a great place to learn how to minister one to another.  Does your homeschool have a ministering spirit about it?   How do you teach your children what Jesus said about ministering to their peers instead of seeking honor and fame or a position of authority over them?  If we learn to minister within the home then we can launch out and minister to those outside our home.   Check your circle of friends and see who has a ministering spirit about them.  Thank them.  Make them your best friends, then strive to minister together.   I have been abundantly blessed to work alongside  several friends who have amazing ministering spirits.  They are always looking out for the needs of others and coming up with ways to meet needs and supply relief.   Don’t allow power struggles or selfish ambitions to rob you of the blessing of ministering.  Look for ministering moments everyday.

” For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.”  Mark 10:45

I hope within these blog pages and posts you can find something to meet a need or bring some relief to you or your homeschool.

Happy Homeschooling    ~Juliane