High Hopes


Hello Erie County Homeschoolers!

Cooler temperatures, school supplies in stores and public school buses screeching to a halt near our home have all notified us to prepare for school days ahead!  We are gearing up and enjoying our last few days before classes start here at Hilltop Homeschool.   This past week we drove to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia for a final summer excursion.  While there our family did the rock scramble to the top of Bear fence Mountain.  It left me with a unique view for the heights I hope to attain in homeschool this year.

You see in those Virginia mountains it seemed not worth it for my husband and I to go that little bit higher where the kids had scrambled and were proclaiming how amazing the view.   It looked scary. It looked too hard.  ” I feel like I am on top of the world!” exclaimed our youngest boy from the highest peak of rock we could see.   We had all ready seen amazing views!  Why go higher?  It was that still small voice that nudged us to do the right thing and give that last bit of effort to go join our children at the top.   Do you know what we found?  After scrambling up there, which was not easy but not as difficult as imagined, we found ourselves standing on the mountain rock tops feeling steady and safe with a 360 degree view we did not have previously.  We felt we were “on top of the world!”  The day before we had climbed another smaller mountain which had a fire tower on the top of it.  None of us felt completely safe on that skinny metal tower.  We all realized we were much higher on Bear fence but we felt safer.  The foundation under us made all the difference!

Biblical hoping, where your hope is built upon the Rock, Jesus Christ will keep you from being unsteady in body, mind and soul.   Cynical people will tell you not to have high hopes for they will lead to a bigger fall.  Your high hopes will be dashed upon the rocks in the storms of life and it is not worth it they cry!    But hoping based on the Word of God brings with it a safe security even amidst the storms that threaten to break you.   You can find yourself in the end still standing on the rock safe and secure looking out over the horizon hoping for future victories and delights.

If your hopes have been dashed as many of mine have been this summer, then I pray you will hear the voices like our son’s who call you to come up higher.  I pray you will heed theirs and that still small voice that says, “It is the right thing to do, do it.”  Have hope. Keep hope. Remember and be thankful for the sure hopes you have in Christ that can never be dashed!  Never.  Cling to Him and homeschool onward with high hopes in place for 2015-2016.   I am praying for you dear friends.

Happy Homeschooling!


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