Fieldtrips/Day Events

Philharmonic Field Trip Opportunity!
The Erie Philharmonic’s Annual Youth Concert will be held at the Warner Theater on Wednesday, November 4.  Homeschoolers are invited to attend the 11:30 a.m. concert for the low cost of $2.00 per person.  This year’s theme is “Musicalympics” and the one hour concert will include (among other pieces) a performance of the Bach Fugue in C Minor featuring the Erie Jr. Philharmonic playing side-by-side with the professional musicians of the Erie Philharmonic.  (Some of the musicians in the Jr. Philharmonic are homeschoolers!)
You must register for this event no later than Thursday, October 29.  Please register by sending $2.00 per person to Janet Preston’s home address (9129 State Road, Cranesville, PA 16410); include names and ages of all who will attend with your group, a contact number and a contact email address. If you have questions about registration or about the program, you may call Janet (814-774-8598 or 814-323-8222).  Do not call the Philharmonic office and do not try to register through them.  They have asked that the homeschoolers register as a group.  Janet will take our group size information with payment to the Philharmonic office on Friday, October 30.   On November 4, we will meet in the lobby of the Warner (use the State Street entrance) and be seated as a group.  Please plan to arrive at the Warner Theater no later than 11:10 a.m. the day of the concert.